The Great Scottish Outdoors

1) The Black Cuillin, Isle of Skye
The Black Cuillin mountain range on the Isle of Skye ranks amongst one of the most visually appealing in the whole of the UK. This knife edged ridge stretches for over 7.5 miles and reaches over 2300 feet in height, presenting a formidable challenge for rock climbers and hill walkers alike.


The Black Cuillin, Isle of Skye.

2) Cille Choirill Church, Lochaber

Cille Choirill is a Roman Catholic church dating from the 15th Century but with connections to ancient christianity in the area going back much further. The church lay in ruins for many years, however in the 1930’s was renovated thanks to donations from Canadian Scots originally from area.


Cille Choirill Church, Roy Bridge.

3) Stac Pollaidh, Assynt
Located in the remote North West Highlands close to Ullapool, Stac Pollaidh rising to over 2000 feet is one of Scotland’s most distinctive mountains. If you are fit enough, an easily accessible path will take you the very top of Stac Pollaidh, offering stunning panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.

4) Sandwood Bay, Sutherland
Sandwood Bay is located on the North West tip of Scotland, in one of the most sparsely populated areas in the whole of the UK. It is quite possible to walk for miles in the surrounding wilderness, and not see another person – which some may welcome. The 1 mile long stretch of sand at Sandwood is famed for a distinctive rock stack at one end of the beach, known as Am Buachaille.


The Remote Sandwood Bay.

5) Loch Linnhe
Loch Linnhe is located close to Glen Coe in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Its name is derived from the ancient Scottish Gaelic language, and means ‘the pool.’ Linnhe is a sea loch and offers excellent fishing opportunities for the like of sea trout, mackerel, pollack wrasse and conger eel. Occasionally the odd porpoise, dolphin or minke whale can be spotted from the shore.

loch linnhe

Sunset at Loch Linnhe.

6) The Cairngorms National Park
Located in the North East of Scotland the Cairngorms National Park is the largest of its kind in the British Isles. The park is an area of outstanding natural beauty comprising of mountains, forests and glens.

cairngorms forest

The Frozen Wilderness of the Cairngorms.

7) Loch Garry, Lochaber
The area around Loch Garry is a lonely one. The surrounding area was once home the the Clan MacDonnell of Glengarry, however after the Highland Clearances population tends to be sparse.

loch garry sunrise

The Sun Rises Over a Frozen Loch Garry.

8) Black Cuillin Ridge, Isle of Skye
The spiky Black Cuillin ridge on the Isle of Skye presents mountaineers with one of the the most challenging climbs in the whole of the British Isles. Only the fittest and most competent of mountaineers dare to rise to its formidable challenge.


The Black Cuillin Ridge.

9) Glen Etive, Argyll
Glen Etive’s name derived from Gaelic, with Etive meaning ‘Little Ugly One.’ The Glen has been used to shoot many Hollywood blockbusters, including Skyfall, Braveheart, and Harry Potter. During the summer months the Glen is a very popular destination for campers, backpackers, and anglers.

glen etive argyllshire

Glen Etive, Argyllshire.

10) Bothy at Eriboll
The Scottish wilderness offers those who love the outdoors something very hard to find in the modern world – free accommodation. Dotted throughout the Scottish Highlands are small, basic buildings known as bothies. Anyone can spend a night free of charge in a bothy, though they may not be for those used to living in luxury accommodation!


Bothy at Erribol.

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