Glasgow at Christmas

1) St Enoch’s Square Christmas Market
The hardy citizens of Glasgow brave the fierce winter weather for the annual Christmas market held every year in St Enoch’s Square. The market has international flavour to it, with merchants selling food and merchandise from all round the world. Well worth a visit.

st enochs christmas glasgow

St Enochs Square Christmas Market, Glasgow.

2) Royal Exchange Square
Royal Exchange Square located in Glasgow city centre, looks great at any time of the year. However it looks fantastic in December, thanks to the Christmas lighting. The imposing building in the middle of the square was built in the 18th Century, and belonged to a wealthy Glasgow tobacco lord.

royal exchange square glasgow christmas

Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow.

3) Buchanan Street
Buchanan street is a pedestrianised precinct in Glasgow city centre, boasting some of the city’s most upmarket shops and restaurants in an area known as the ‘Style Mile.’

buchanan street glasgow christmas

Buchanan Street at Christmas.

4) Zizzi’s Restaurant, Royal Exchange Square
For over 150 years this grand building was home to the Royal Bank of Scotland. In modern times it has now been converted into a very stylish Italian restaurant – probably the ideal location for Christmas dinner!

zizzis royal exchange square glasgow

Zizzi’s Restaurant, Royal Exchange Square.

5) George Square Christmas Fair
Every December, Glasgow’s famous George Square is converted into a spectacular Christmas fair, featuring classic fairground rides, an open air ice rink, and ‘Winter Lodge’ for those who fancy a few Christmas drinks.

george square christmas glasgow

Christmas Carousel. George Square, Glasgow.

6) George Square Big Wheel
Soaring 130 feet into the air, the George Square Christmas Big wheel gives the visitor a fantastic view of the city skyline. Though possibly not a good idea if you have indulged in one pint of beer too many at the nearby ‘Winter Lodge.’

george square christmas big wheel

George Square Big Wheel, Glasgow.

7) Typical Glasgow Christmas Weather
It can’t be denied, Glasgow’s winter weather is often ‘not pleasant,’ with rain being the ‘order of the day.’  The bright lights of Christmas, and associated festivities help left the spirits of many during this very gloomy time of year.

glasgow winter weather rain

Typical Glasgow Christmas Weather – Rain.

8) Time to be Merry
Quite rightly, Glasgow citizens pack the bars, and restaurants at this time of year, seeking some ‘Festive Joy,’ normally from a pint glass!

the social glasgow royal exchange square

Time to be Merry, Glasgow.

9) The Gallery of Modern Art
The Gallery of Modern Art was once home to a very wealthy Glasgow tobacco lord, and is one of the few 18th Century town houses remaining in the city. Today it’s a major visitor attraction (free entry.)

gallery modern art glasgow

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow.

10) Glasgow Cathedral
Dating back to the 12th Century, Glasgow Cathedral is one of the few medieval churches to survive intact. Incredible to think that people have been celebrating Christmas in the building for almost 1000 years!

glasgow cathedral christmas nativity

Nativity Scene at Glasgow Cathedral.

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