A Day Trip to Edinburgh – 12 Photos

1) The Royal Mile
The Royal Mile can be considered the main thoroughfare of Edinburgh’s historic ‘Old Town.’ It’s a fantastic place to visit with so much ancient history, and things to do, it would be hard for the visitor to ever get bored here. The Royal Mile isn’t actually a single street, but rather a succession of streets i.e. Castlehill, Canongate, the Lawnmarket, High Street, and Abbey Strand.

royal mile edinburgh

The Royal Mile Looking Towards the Sea.

2) Street Performer, the Grassmarket
There is always something going on in Edinburgh. Even if you are strapped for cash, an army of street performers ensure that there is rarely a dull moment. This is particularly true around August, when the streets are literally packed with performers due to the Edinburgh Festival.


Street Performer Plays with Fire, the Grassmarket.

3) Princes Street, Facing West
Princes Street is the main thoroughfare of Edinburgh’s ‘New Town,’ and is the commercial centre of the city. This one mile long street, is flanked by shops on one side, whilst on the other is the fantastic Princes Street Gardens, offering superb views of the castle.

princes street edinburgh

Princes Street, Edinburgh. Facing West.

4) Edinburgh Castle as Seen From The Vennel
Everyone has seen the cliched photographs of Edinburgh Castle taken from Princes Street, however it’s well worth walking to the other side of the castle for some fantastic views. This shot was taken from The Vennel, a passageway off the Grassmarket to the south of the castle.

edinburgh castle the vennel

Edinburgh Castle as Seen from the Vennel.

5) Castle Rock  from the South
Rising to 430 feet above see level, the Castle Rock is an incredible sight. The rock is actually a ‘volcanic plug’ which is believed to have been formed around 350 million years ago.

edinburgh castle south

Castle Rock, Edinburgh from the South.

6) Edinburgh Castle from St Cuthbert’s Churchyard
Edinburgh Castle is quite rightly regarded as the ‘King of Scottish Castles.’ Humans have inhabited Castle Rock, since 900 B.C., and it’s no surprise that this strategic location has been the scene of many a bloody battle, with the Scottish and English vying for control. Today, Edinburgh is a more peaceful place, and the castle now welcomes huge numbers of visitors each year.


Edinburgh Castle as Seen from St Cuthbert’s Church.

7) St Giles’ Cathedral
The current church dates from the late 1300’s, and is dedicated to St Giles, the Patron Saint of Edinburgh. At one time Protestant firebrand, and leader of the Protestant reformation in Scotland, was once minister of St Giles. His body now lies under a car parking space next to the cathedral.

st giles edinburgh

St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh.

8) Museum of Edinburgh, Royal Mile
Possibly one of the city’s lesser know museums, the Museum of Edinburgh is a ‘hidden treasure.’ Located at the bottom end of the Royal Mile, this free entry offers a look into Edinburgh’s past, with multiple exhibits crammed into a maze of historic rooms.

museum of edinburgh canongate

Museum of Edinburgh, Royal Mile.

9) John Knox’s House, Royal Mile
This is ancient house was built around 1490, and was reputed to be occupied by John Knox, the leader of the Scottish Protestant Reformation at one point. However, records show that he lived in nearby Warriston Close. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic piece of medieval history.


10) Fleshmarket Close
Fleshmarket close connects the Royal Mile to Market Street, and is named after the Butcher’s market which once took place at this spot. These ancients closes are a typical feature of Edinburgh’s ‘Old Town.’

fleshmarket close edinburgh

Fleshmarket Close, Edinburgh.

11) Princes Street at Christmas
Every December a fantastic Christmas festival takes place in Princes Street Gardens, with fairground attractions, ice rink and huge Christmas market. With out a doubt, it’s the premier Christmas event in the whole of Scotland.

princes street edinburgh

Princes Street at Christmas.

12) The Dome
After a hard’s day of ‘world class’ sightseeing, Edinburgh offers the visitor ‘world class’ nightlife in fine establishments such as the The Dome on George Street. This classical building offers bars, tea rooms and restaurants all under one roof. The perfect end to a great day!

the dome george street edinburgh

The Dome, George Street, Edinburgh.

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