10 Haunted Scottish Castles You Must Visit

1) Glamis Castle, Near Forfar
Glamis castle dates back to the 14th Century, and has close links to the current British Royal family as it is the family home of the deceased Queen Mother. Not surprisingly given its ancient history, Glamis is very haunted. One of the creepiest stories to come out of Glamis is the strange tale of a hideously deformed individual who was kept in a secret room at the castle. The beastly figure was reputedly a son of the Earl of Strathmore, and he now wanders the castle in spirit form.


Glamis Castle. Haunted by a Hideously Deformed Ghost.

Glamis Castle (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Ed.ward

2) Cawdor Castle, Nairn
Cawdor Castle boast not 1, but 2 ghostly residents who roams it’s ancient corridors. Unnatural changes in temperature have been noted in the castle, with one room in particular being strangely cold all year round. Objects have been reported to go missing, and the spirit of young woman with no hands has been reported. This spirit is allegedly the daughter of an Earl of Cawdor, who had her hands chopped off as punishment by her father and was then murdered.

Cawdor Castle Boasts 2 Ghostly Residents.

3) Huntingtower Castle, Perthshire
Huntingtower has a very interesting history closely connected to major historical events. King James VI, King of Scotland was kidnapped and held at the castle by the Earl of Gowrie for reasons still unclear. When the King managed to escape the castle, he had his captor executed at Edinburgh by beheading, and his head put on a spike. Despite the disturbing events surrounding the castle it’s supposedly inhabited by a ‘friendly ghost’ known as Lady Greensleeves. Ancient stories allege that Lady Greensleeves, who appeared in the form of a ‘Green Lady’ often appeared in the general vicinity of the castle and was benevolent in character.


Huntingtower. A Haunted Castle with an Incredible History.

4) Barcaldine Castle, Near Oban
Barcaldine is a 17th Century tower house that was built by the Clan Campbell. The castle is located in a very scenic part of Scotland, and is operated as a successful hotel. Guests to the hotel have reported strange experiences, including the sensation that somebody is sitting on them! Other visitors have reported strange lights in one particular room. The ghost is reportedly that of Donald Campbell who was brutally murdered in the castle during the 1600’s.


Barcaldine, a Haunted Castle Hotel.

5) Dalhousie Castle, Bonnyrigg
Dalhousie is another haunted castle hotel offering brave visitors the chance to experience some ‘ghostly action’ themselves. The castle has origins going as far back as the 13th Century, however most of the present castle was built later. The hotel is home to a spirit known as ‘Lady Catherine,’ who is reported to pull the hair of hotel staff, and tap them on the shoulder. Lady Catherine is reputed to be from the 17th Century, and can be seen wearing a grey dress with large shoulder pads of that era.


Dalhousie a Fine Haunted Castle Hotel.

6) Castle Fraser, Kemnay

Castle Fraser dates back to the 16th Century, and is reckoned to be one of the grander castles of Aberdeenshire. Once home to the Fraser clan, the castle’s stone staircase is covered with wooden treads. These treads were allegedly placed on the stairs in oreer to cover blood stains that could not be removed no matter how much scrubbing was done. Many visitors to the castle have reported the sound of children singing and laughing in the kitchen area, while no children were resident in the building.

castle fraser ghost

Castle Fraser. Haunted and Complete with Blood Stained Stairs.

7) Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye
Dunvegan ancient home to the Clan Mcleod is also home to a mysterious relic known as the ‘Fairy Flag.’ The silk flag is thought to be from the Crusades and was possibly made in ancient Syria. The ‘Fairy Flag’ is much treasured by the Clan Mcleod who believed it held special powers. Whenever the clan went to battle they would take the flag with them, and they attribute many victories to its ‘mysterious powers.’ Today eerie ghostly music is often heard emitting from the room where the flag is stored.


Dunvegan Castle. Home to the Mysterious ‘Fairy Flag.’

8) Ackergill Tower, Caithness
Ackergill tower located in the remote Northern Highlands of Scotland dates back to the 15th Century, and is now used as a hotel. The now sedate castle hotel was once the scene of a bloody family feud between the Keith and Gunn clans. During the feud, a young woman know as Helen Gunn was abducted by the Keiths and imprisoned in the tower. Helen reputedly jumped from the tower in an effort to escape, however died in her attempt and now roams the building in the form of a ‘Green Lady.’


Ackergill Tower, Home to the Ghost of Helen Gunn.

9) Brodick Castle, Isle of Arran
Scottish castles haunted by a ‘Green Lady’ are a common theme. However, ghosts don’t only come in one colour and Brodick Castle is haunted by a ‘Grey Lady.’ Other ghostly apparitions reported included a strange man wearing a wig in the library, and a white stag that appears in the grounds whenever a member of the once resident Clan Hamilton is close to death. Today the castle is cared for by the National Trust and open to the public.


Brodick Castle. Haunted by a ‘Grey Lady.’

10) Fyvie Castle, Near Turriff
Aberdeenshire on Scotland’s North East coast is home to many fine well preserved castles, and Fyvie Castle is no exception. It’s almost predictable that Fyvie is haunted, and home to yet another mysterious ‘Green Lady.’ The castle also features a secret sealed room which is protected by a curse on anyone who tries to enter. Another feature of this haunted castle is the ‘Murder Room.’ In recent times psychic investigators have detected a ‘spirit lady’ in the Murder Room, and have noted strange drops in temperature on entering.


Fyvie Castle. Home to the ‘Murder Room.’

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