Stunning Landscapes of Scotland – 10 Best Videos

We have scoured the web, to bring you the best videos of the stunning Scottish landscape. None of the films last longer than 10 minutes, but they fully capture the unique beauty of the Scottish countryside, and its wild terrain.

1) Scottish Highlands ‘North Coast 500’ by Andy Webb:

A short film highlighting the stunning scenery as viewed from the ‘North Coast 500’ – a 500 mile road which encircles much of the Scottish Highlands.

2) Beautiful Scotland by John Duncan:

A short piece of aerial photography capturing the beauty of Scotland from the Lowlands to the Highlands.

3) High Above the Scottish Highlands by Dan James:

Using drone technology Dan James is able to capture shots of the Scottish countryside that have an almost dream like quality.

4) Edinburgh Timelapse by Krzysztof Wrzos:

Maybe not technically a ‘landscape film’ but nonetheless a brilliant piece of timelapse photography showcasing one of the most attractive cities in Europe.

5) Mountain Bikes and Bothy Nights by Alastair Humphreys:

One man captures perfectly his journey and reasons for escaping to the remote North in this short film.

6) North Uist by Doc Wheeler:

A film from the remote Outer Hebrides, an area some have said feels like it is ‘on the edge of the world.’

7) The Ridge with Danny Macaskill:

Racking up over 35 million views, this short video filmed on the Isle of Skye is probably one of the most stunning to come out of Scotland in recent years.

8) Wild Scotland by Beluga Lagoon:

A really nice professionally put together video featuring Wild Scotland with music and scenery that will take you off to a ‘different world.’

9) Fairy Pools Isle of Skye by TurtleHurtledcom

As the maker of this film says, the Isle of Skye is a ‘place of magic.’ This short video masterfully put together, proves it.

10) Majestic Scotland by AV33

Filmed in the beautiful surroundings of the Cairngorm National Park, the title says it all.

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