The Spirit of Scotland in 10 Photos

1) Isle of Muck
If you want to escape the modern world, then the Isle of Muck is the place for you. Only 30 people inhabit this tiny island which measures only 2.5 miles from one side to the other. The island can only be reached off season by a ferry which runs only 4 days a week. Wild horses roam the beaches of Muck, further boosting its unique charm.


Wild Horses Roam the Isle of Muck.

2) Glen Coe
Glen Coe is situated in the ‘Heart of the Scottish Highlands’ and is quite rightly regarded as one of Scotland’s best known glens. Glen Coe is notorious for the  17th Century massacre that took place there, in which 38 members of the MacDonald clan were slaughtered. Today, Glen Coe is a much more sedate place, and attracts visitors from all corners of the globe.


Glen Coe, the Ultimate Spot for Some Peace & Quiet.

3) The Isle of Arran
The Isle of Arran is often described as ‘Scotland in Miniature’ as it features stunning scenery that could be found in both the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. The island is easily accessed by ferry, and can easily be reached from Glasgow, which is Scotland’s largest city.


Arran is Often Described as ‘Scotland in Miniature.’

4) Loch Shiel, Glenfinnan
Loch Shiel, Highlands Loch Shiel is a freshwater loch situated 12 miles west of Fort William. At the foot of the loch sits the Glenfinnan monument which was erected in 1815 to commemorate the spot where Bonnie Prince Charlie attempted to regain the British throne.

View on black

GlenFinnan on the Banks of Loch Shiel.

5) Bennachie, Aberdeenshire
Bennachie is a hill range located in Aberdeenshire, on the North East coast. The largest hill in the range stands at only 1699 feet, however it can be seen for many miles due to the relative flatness of the Aberdeenshire landscape. Interestingly the highest peak is called ‘Mither’s Tap,’ named so in the local dialect due to its resemblance to a female breast!


Bennachie on a Fine Summer’s Day.

6) Loch Achray, Trossachs
Whilst Loch Achray is not particularly well known in its own right, the Trossachs area which it lies is quite rightly on the ‘must see list.’ The Trossachs is an area of outstanding natural beauty, comprising of wooded glens, braes, and peaceful lochs. The area is easily accessible from the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Loch Achray, the Trossachs.

7) Neist Point, Isle of Skye
Neist Point is located on the most westerly tip of the stunning Isle of Skye. Towering over the Atlantic Ocean, the visitor can spot dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks from this remote vantage point.


Neist Point, Isle of Skye.

8) Barra Airport
Barra is home to 1078 people and is located in the Outer Hebrides. One of its unique features is that its beach doubles as a an airport! An experience to remember.


Welcome to Barra Airport.

9) Glen Coe in Winter
Whilst Scotland has a unique and visually stunning landscape, it can often be a harsh place to live in mid Winter. It is quite common for deep snow to still be visible even in summer on the mountains surrounding Glen Coe.


Glen Coe in Winter.

10) Highland Cow, Isle of Tiree
The distinctive Highland cow has been bred over many centuries, and possesses its long wavy hair due to the often harsh Scottish winter. Milk from the Highland cow is regarded as of the highest quality.


Highland Cow on Tiree.

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