How To Travel Across Scotland for £1

Yes, you heard right, how to travel across Scotland for the princely sum of £1! All will be revealed, if you read on.

What is the secret to £1 travel across Scotland? The secret is Megabus.


Of course, you shouldn’t expect luxury if you travel from one side of Scotland to the other for a quid. However, Megabus’s ‘no thrills’ budget transport service, is a saviour to the miserly, and those traveling on a tight budget. A quick review of comments on TripAdvisor, will give you a good idea of what to expect from the service.

Comments from TripAdvisor refer to the service as being:

‘Cheap and cheerful’
‘Super Cheap and safe’
‘Perfectly acceptable.’

So how do you get one of these £1 seat bargains? The secret would appear to be booking in advance via the Megabus website. A quick search for Glasgow to Edinburgh (46 miles) roughly 2 weeks in advance brought up several £1 travel fares.

edinburgh megabus

Not bad at all considering that this journey would cost you almost £8 if you took the car!

Some other mega-bargains discovered searching through the Megabus website:

Glasgow – Aberdeen (146 miles)
£1, booked 1 month in advance. 340am departure 🙁

Edinburgh – Inverness (155 miles)
£4, booked 3 weeks in advance.

Perth – Glasgow (59 miles)
£1, booked 3 weeks in advance.

Inverness – Edinburgh (155 miles)
£1, booked 3 weeks in advance.

Glasgow – London, England (412 miles)
£6, booked 3 weeks in advance. 9 hour 10 mins journey time 🙁

Get searching for your own mega-bargains at:

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